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****the term headband and Head Wrap are used synonymously ****

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5 Ways to wear headbands.


Slick hair back into a high ponytail and fan out the ends. Spritz the top of your hair with hairspray, then slide an elastic headband about two inches back from your hairline. Secure headband with a bobby pin on both sides so it won't slip.

2. Get Miley's Look!

Create an off-center part, then place the headband around the center of your forehead. Use your fingers to loosen and lift hair at the crown.

3. Get LC's Look!

Style hair into loose waves, then part down the center. Slide on a jeweled band about three inches from your hairline, letting your hair cover some of the headband.

4. Get Emma Roberts's Look!

Make an off-center part, then slip a fabric headband over hair just at the hairline. Pull a few pieces forward to frame your face.

5. Get AnnaLynne's Look!

Add volume by gently teasing hair at your crown, then place a double-strap headband just behind your ears.